Sunday, September 27, 2009

Buy 1 and get 1 FREE!

On the 27th and 28th of September if you buy a painting from my shop, you can choose one (which costs 10$ or under) for free!
The only thing you have to do is to buy the two selected paintings and I'll refund on PayPal the price of the painting which costs 10$ or under.Hurry up! This is just a short time sale !!!

Do you believe in destiny?

Have you ever seen a stranger who you knew he is the ONE?

I know maybe it sounds funny... but that happened with me when I was travelling on a plane from Dublin to Budapest. I haven't met with such a perfect, handsome, and cute man before.
He was watching at me a lot of times, but I was dumb, too shy. This was so quick for me and when I really felt no matter what, I have to get to know this man, it was too late.

I think he was Irish...but who knows if it has to happen, maybe we'll get the chance to meet!

Does anyone has a similar story?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rain, lightning & thundering

Last night there was a big storm. I have to say, I love this kind of weather! Sometimes it can be such a nice feeling that outside it's raining and you are in the warm room beeing protected from everything. This is the only thing that I love in fall... oh, and Halloween, I like it a lot and I'm always waiting for it like a child! However in Hungary we celebrate it toally in an other way. But I prefer the American traditions. Here, most of the people think for this day as a sad thing...
Well, I'm trying to keep our traditions, but I like to get to know foreign countries traditions and mix them!

I'm curious, do you like Halloween? How do you celebrate it?
Please leave me a comment!;)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Man on Green

Today a nice surprise was waiting for me in my mail box, I sold my Man in Green painting!
It's always such a great feeling that somebody loves my painting enough to buy it!
And I love to imagine that it'll be a decoration of a house so far away from my home where it was created.

Friday, August 28, 2009

My doggies:)

3 of my dogs, Mása the pug and the boys:)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

With love about Scotland

The first two paintings of my Scottish landscapes series:


Turnberry Lighthouse

Love is passion, obsession, someone you can't live without. If you don't start with that, what are you going to end up with? Fall head over heels. I say find someone you can love like crazy and who'll love you the same way back. And how do you find him? Forget your head and listen to your heart. I'm not hearing any heart. Run the risk, if you get hurt, you'll come back. Because, the truth is there is no sense living your life without this. To make the journey and not fall deeply in love - well, you haven't lived a life at all. You have to try. Because if you haven't tried, you haven't lived.

This is one of my favorite quotes, it's from the movie, Meet Joe Black.
What do you think about it?