Monday, April 27, 2009

Etsians around the World - 3

Let me introduce Claudia and her amazing artworks!

At first, please tell me about yourself and the place you live.
I'm a chilean woman 40 years old and live since 3 years in Mallorca, a beautiful island of Spain, where I found a wonderful german husband. We have 1 cat and 2 little birds. We have the beach very close, and 1 of my favorite hobby is going in bike along the sea. Life here is very interesting, full of people of different countries walking in the streets, talking lots of different languages, and wearing their typical dresses.

When did you start making artworks?
I have always drawn when I was a girl, got paper dolls, and always saw my parents making some craft work at home, knitted or wood work, as a hobby. So I naturally wanted to make my own designs. Frequently liked to make collages and paitings when I grow up, and after studied graphic design. But one day I understood I was "paralyzed" many time waiting the perfect moment to create and needed to do it urgently, I thought I didnt make craft because I didnt have money to get materials... and decided to change that and begin to recycle all the posible material I could have. Since that I began to move and move myself to create with reused things.

How could you describe the style of your products?
My crafts are transfomed objects reused, recycled, they are a way to give a second life, a second oportunity that objects to be some beautiful. I take old newspapers, used cardstock, shoes boxes, and paint over it. Sometimes I get graphic material from street banners of publicity and stick some wall decal over it. Everything can be useful for me. My style can be very pop or very vintage. I have wall decals with a very street-stencil-tatoo esthetic, and also have paintings with fairies taken from old books illustrations of children tales.

What are you doing besides this?
Besides this. Wow... lots of things, specially now with this economic situation. I changed my mind and began to promote myself in everything I can do to make money, from manicure to care children, I dont care, if I can manage my own time, and have free time to make my crafts, its ok. My shop doesn't have many listings now, but Im just coming back, I was away many time because I had a job and was busy all the time, working 8 hours per day.

Which are your favorite pieces that you would like to share with my readers?
My favorites pieces: Some are listed and some are expired. But many more are coming soon, I promise:

I read in Claudia's shop that every sale she makes in her store goes to support a little boy who is just 10 years old with a straggled future in Chile (South America), so when you shop there you are actually helping this little boy to get a better future.
I think that's a very nice cause and I found important to mention it in my blog!

Please visit to see her works for sale.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My art day:)

Today I decided to make a totally school free day and don't care with my exercises and the upcoming photoshoot... I relaxed and painted! And want to do the same tomorrow, but unfortunately I can't...:)
Here is one of my new paintings, "Orange lights"

Monday, April 20, 2009

Etsians around the World - 2

Here is the time to show you the next featured artist, Katya from California.
Her works are amazing, I'm sure you'll also like them!

When did you start making necklaces and braclets?
I came to California few months ago and I was so amazed by its nature and all these exotic plants that I started to collect different seeds, leaves etc. In the beginning I just admired them and then decided to create something out of them. I have a head full of ideas that are awaiting to be realized.

How could you describe the style of your products?
I think that I would call my things Inspired by Nature Things. I prefer to use eco-friendly materials such as natural fiber, seeds, wood and used beads and objects.

What are you doing besides this?
Beside my natural jewelry shop I am opening second Etsy shop named "OldStuffNewLife" where I am going to sell re-designed or up-cycled things. I was re-designing objects for my friends, my son and myself. Why not to share my art of transformation with others? Why to buy new stuff if old one can be even more cool?

Which are your favorite pieces that you would like to share with my readers?
Here are my favorite pieces.

And finally the favorite of the blogger!:)

Don't forget to visit her shop!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Do you like the works of Ray Caesar?

I just got the idea to show you more Ray Caesar artworks.
And I'm curious what are the opinions.
I think usually people really like or really hate his works, there is no middle course.

But at first you have to know more about him:

Who is Ray Caesar?
When you're having a lousy day, riding home on the bus, being shoved and pushed and you have just about had it, there is this guy with a dog who smiles at you and offers you his seat! I like to think that guy would be me.

Why the big heads?
Dolls! I grew up constantly playing with my sister's dolls! I removed heads and arms and placed them on other bodies. I posed dolls in constructed dioramas and took great pleasure at looking at the final result. I started drawing and sculpting early in life and as I look at the many stages of art that I have created over the years I can see dolls and dioramas in everything. Strange thing is, none of my friends ever made fun of me about it! maybe they knew I would beat the crap out of them.

What is your method?
I use a 3D modeling software as I worked for some years in the visual effects field. It is the perfect tool for me to construct what I think of as toys. I have a huge inkjet printer sitting on my dining room table, my wife hasn't said anything about it as yet even though its as big as a piano.

What is your most important goal in life?
I define what I believe to be good and I try to live up to it.
I challenge myself to not be rigid in my judgments, to improve my empathy and constantly rid my mind of hate and replace it with love and understanding............
I wouldn't mind being rich either.........
Ok! Rich and very healthy.....ok! ok!..
Rich, very healthy and happy............ and a private jet.

If you could have just one wish; what could it be?
That a nice Alien species visits Earth and brings hope, peace and happiness and gives every one a flying car and some fresh fruit.

If you could meet anyone living or dead; who would that be and why?
Well it would have to be someone living because I have met a few dead people and they can really make you jump. I figure the living person would be Tim Burton. I truly admire his work and feel he is a huge influence on what I do. I would also like to meet William Shatner, David Lynch, Tilda Swinton, Oprah, Tony Blair, Harper Lee, Ridley Scott, David Bowie and Queen Elizabeth II.

If you had to live in one room for your entire life, what would it look like?
It would be a round room with a big round window through which I could hear the ocean and see the tops of palm trees. I really hope that this room you want me to live in isn't a jail or something because that wouldn't be nice.

Does the theater play a big role in your life?
I love going to the theater. I love the feeling of energy that exists on stage and in the audience. I have often thought that when we die, the houselights go on .......we finally see the audience ..... and if we have done our best, we get a standing ovation and everyone we have ever met in our life joins hands and gives a honest bow.

Why do you not mind eating avocados?
I think Avocadoes are the perfect food! They are green and healthy and delicious.......
I think I would need them in that room you want to make me live in for the rest of my life.

Who have been some of your main influences as an artist and as a person?
My wife Jane, she is the most gentle person I have ever had the privilege to meet.

I worked in a Children's Hospital for over 17 years and I have to say that I feel the children in that place had such a profound effect on me that I don't think I would have become an artist or the person I am today if it were not for them.

I worked in a art and photography department that documented the hardships that these courageous children go through and if my art honors anything, it honors them.
Finish the following statement: Good artists borrow, great artists...continue to learn from what they have borrowed and understand that all the good things that have been made on this Earth are built on the things that came before them.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Probably on a downtown bus with a dog, offering my seat to someone who has had a hard day.


I'm waiting for your comments!;)
Finally I have a little time to sit down and relax! Yesterday was the day of our pre-photoshoot at school. It was a preparation for our final photoshoot which will be in May.
We have to be inspired by the artist, Ray Caesar, but we have to give back the feelings of his pictures in a modern way. Ray Caesar really inprires me, so I like this work a lot!
I would like to present the decadence of a paris doll. Weird, I know...:) Maybe I can get the photos tomorrow, I can't wait...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Etsians around the World - 1

My first feautured artist is Leeya. I really like her works and I'm sure you'll love them too!

At first, please tell me about yourself and the place you live.
I live in a city in Israel called Modiin (it's more of a suburbia located between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv) with my husband. I did my undergrad degree in Physics, took some time off and am beginning a masters in Materials Engineering. I just love stuff. The physical stuff of it all. This makes me a part time student. I love learning and always want to be taking some sort of class to widen my horizons.

When did you start making jewelry and accessories?
I have always made jewelry and accessories and painted. I just kind of came out of the womb that way. I like knowing how to make things by myself and I tend to be involved in many different unfinished projects at the same time. It's a wonder that I manage to get finished pieces up in my etsy shop. You should see my work room. The good thing about being married is that people can complain about the messes you make but no one will really make you clean then up.

How could you describe the style of your products?
I would describe my style as different, bright, feminine but with lots of reds and greens, asian at times, detailed and delicate. I love patterns and flowers and contrast.

Which are your favorite pieces that you would like to share with my readers?
My favorite pieces would be:

for its craziness:

or their joy and fun:

for their sexy style and affordability:

for their uniqueness:


And the favorite of the blogger:)

Don't forget to visit Leeya's shop:

If you also want to be a featured artist write me a message to

Hot trends for Spring/Summer 2009

Here is the time to take off your winter clothes and let the sun shine!;)
Here are some of the hottest trends for Spring/Summer 2009



Huge earrings





Sunday, April 12, 2009

You put high heels on and you change.

/Manolo Blahnik/

I love this photoshoot

Just found these by the photographer, Steven Meisel.
I love the style and emotions of these pictures.

Welcome to my blog!

I have just started this blog and well, I think the hardest is to write the first update!

As a painter and fashion stylist student I would like to show you art, fashion, design and style, or simply some things that makes you smile!:)

And of course I'm going to write also some personal things and display my artworks.

As an Etsian, I plan to show in my favorite Etsy shops and items.

Please come and follow my blog and I'm going to follow yours!;)