Monday, April 20, 2009

Etsians around the World - 2

Here is the time to show you the next featured artist, Katya from California.
Her works are amazing, I'm sure you'll also like them!

When did you start making necklaces and braclets?
I came to California few months ago and I was so amazed by its nature and all these exotic plants that I started to collect different seeds, leaves etc. In the beginning I just admired them and then decided to create something out of them. I have a head full of ideas that are awaiting to be realized.

How could you describe the style of your products?
I think that I would call my things Inspired by Nature Things. I prefer to use eco-friendly materials such as natural fiber, seeds, wood and used beads and objects.

What are you doing besides this?
Beside my natural jewelry shop I am opening second Etsy shop named "OldStuffNewLife" where I am going to sell re-designed or up-cycled things. I was re-designing objects for my friends, my son and myself. Why not to share my art of transformation with others? Why to buy new stuff if old one can be even more cool?

Which are your favorite pieces that you would like to share with my readers?
Here are my favorite pieces.

And finally the favorite of the blogger!:)

Don't forget to visit her shop!


  1. lovely items! those shoes are way cool!

  2. lol the shoes way too cool.. :D i love it!