Monday, April 13, 2009

Etsians around the World - 1

My first feautured artist is Leeya. I really like her works and I'm sure you'll love them too!

At first, please tell me about yourself and the place you live.
I live in a city in Israel called Modiin (it's more of a suburbia located between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv) with my husband. I did my undergrad degree in Physics, took some time off and am beginning a masters in Materials Engineering. I just love stuff. The physical stuff of it all. This makes me a part time student. I love learning and always want to be taking some sort of class to widen my horizons.

When did you start making jewelry and accessories?
I have always made jewelry and accessories and painted. I just kind of came out of the womb that way. I like knowing how to make things by myself and I tend to be involved in many different unfinished projects at the same time. It's a wonder that I manage to get finished pieces up in my etsy shop. You should see my work room. The good thing about being married is that people can complain about the messes you make but no one will really make you clean then up.

How could you describe the style of your products?
I would describe my style as different, bright, feminine but with lots of reds and greens, asian at times, detailed and delicate. I love patterns and flowers and contrast.

Which are your favorite pieces that you would like to share with my readers?
My favorite pieces would be:

for its craziness:

or their joy and fun:

for their sexy style and affordability:

for their uniqueness:


And the favorite of the blogger:)

Don't forget to visit Leeya's shop:

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  1. I enjoyed reading your feature. Great job! Beautiful jewelry!

  2. These are beautiful pieces of work! More like art than jewelry.