Monday, April 27, 2009

Etsians around the World - 3

Let me introduce Claudia and her amazing artworks!

At first, please tell me about yourself and the place you live.
I'm a chilean woman 40 years old and live since 3 years in Mallorca, a beautiful island of Spain, where I found a wonderful german husband. We have 1 cat and 2 little birds. We have the beach very close, and 1 of my favorite hobby is going in bike along the sea. Life here is very interesting, full of people of different countries walking in the streets, talking lots of different languages, and wearing their typical dresses.

When did you start making artworks?
I have always drawn when I was a girl, got paper dolls, and always saw my parents making some craft work at home, knitted or wood work, as a hobby. So I naturally wanted to make my own designs. Frequently liked to make collages and paitings when I grow up, and after studied graphic design. But one day I understood I was "paralyzed" many time waiting the perfect moment to create and needed to do it urgently, I thought I didnt make craft because I didnt have money to get materials... and decided to change that and begin to recycle all the posible material I could have. Since that I began to move and move myself to create with reused things.

How could you describe the style of your products?
My crafts are transfomed objects reused, recycled, they are a way to give a second life, a second oportunity that objects to be some beautiful. I take old newspapers, used cardstock, shoes boxes, and paint over it. Sometimes I get graphic material from street banners of publicity and stick some wall decal over it. Everything can be useful for me. My style can be very pop or very vintage. I have wall decals with a very street-stencil-tatoo esthetic, and also have paintings with fairies taken from old books illustrations of children tales.

What are you doing besides this?
Besides this. Wow... lots of things, specially now with this economic situation. I changed my mind and began to promote myself in everything I can do to make money, from manicure to care children, I dont care, if I can manage my own time, and have free time to make my crafts, its ok. My shop doesn't have many listings now, but Im just coming back, I was away many time because I had a job and was busy all the time, working 8 hours per day.

Which are your favorite pieces that you would like to share with my readers?
My favorites pieces: Some are listed and some are expired. But many more are coming soon, I promise:

I read in Claudia's shop that every sale she makes in her store goes to support a little boy who is just 10 years old with a straggled future in Chile (South America), so when you shop there you are actually helping this little boy to get a better future.
I think that's a very nice cause and I found important to mention it in my blog!

Please visit to see her works for sale.


  1. Great interview! and how wonderful that she donates some of her profits too!

  2. wow, other sellers must do the same: help children. If every woman, man, young do the same, there´s no doubt the world wolud be a different place.

    It could be great do this kind of things toward keeping the envirnomental healthy, not?