Monday, May 4, 2009

Etsians around the World - 4

New week, new featured artist! This time you can read about Kristi!

At first, please tell me about yourself and the place you live.
I am a SAHM with two fabulous boys, a supportive husband, and a soap business I run from my home. I am passionate about creating bath and body products that are truly delightful to use. My husband and I both went to the University here and decided it was a great place to live and raise a family. We have a wonderful group of friends and family here, so life is never dull.

When did you start making soaps and bath products?
I began making soap in 2005 when my youngest son (then an infant of a couple months) developed skin irritations to commercial baby products. In my search for products he could use, I discovered the joys of handmade soap and thus it began! Over the next couple years we (my family and friends) have come to love the way more natural products treat our skin and I was encouraged by many to sell the soap and lotions I was making.

How could you describe the style of your products?
I tend to lean toward brightly colored and fun shapes because I started making soaps for my kids. I also enjoy vibrant, cheerful colors myself. So I would have to say my products are FUN! but they are also very good for the skin...preservative free, using only skin safe dyes and colorants, and lightly scented with either paraben free fragrance oils or naturally derived essential oils.

What are you doing besides this?
Besides raising my kids and making soap, I am an active member in my church, PTL President at my son's school, member of a local Etsy team, Mid-Missouri Etsy-centrics (such a great group of talented artists), and a member of the SAFE team (Soap Artisan Friends of Etsy) who have become a great group of long distance friends and support unit for me as I grow my business. I also enjoy reading (when I have time), sewing, quilting, gardening, painting, and creating mosaics. That is the short list! I am interested in so many different things.

Which are your favorite pieces that you would like to share with my readers?
It is so difficult to pick favorites because I like them all for different reasons. I think I will select four products and tell you a little why each one would be in the ranks of favorite.

1). Loofah Disc Soap
I especially love the simplicity of this soap, there are no frills. It washes and scrubs. I use one of these throughout the summer months. I am a big fan of NO shoes and only flips when I have to, so my feet get pretty rough and dirty. The Loofah Disc helps scrub away the roughness leaving soft, clean heels and foot pads. My personal favorite scent is Lavender, but I sell lots of Cucumber-Melon and Summer Sunshine.

2). Patty O'Shea
This is my absolute favorite Cold Process formula. I am prone to dry skin and the extra shea butter in this bar really helps moisturize. I find myself using less lotion when I use this bar. It also has a nice full lather and when properly stored, will last up to 6 weeks!! This bar currently comes in 3 scents: Green Aloe and Clover, Green Aloe and Cucumber, and Fresh Cut Grass. I don't have a favorite scent here. They are all very fresh, earthy, and light. My husbands favorite is the Green Aloe and Clover. He won't use anything else.

3). Solid Lotion Bars
My hands down favorite scent is Lavender and Lemongrass! It reminds me of summer! Solid lotion is such a special treat to me because each bar is packed with Natural bee's wax (unbleached, still smells of warm honey) and natural butters like cocoa and shea that don't leave your skin feeling sticky or greasy, but long lasting moisture that soaks right in. As an added bonus, it is extremely convenient. Each 1 oz bar comes packaged in a metal travel tin that is just the right size for even the smallest of bags.

4). And finally, Lipster Tubes
These are very similar to the lotion bars with their natural bee's wax and natural butters, but in a tube for your lips. These are made without sugar or artificial sweeteners that can cause you to lick your lips and leave them drier than when you started. I carry several of these; pockets, purses, car! Pomegranate Martini is really fun, but my preference is the Geranium/Lavender blend. It is light and natural. The kids of course vote Peppermint--not to strong, but really works on their wintery cracked, dried, and licked lips.

And here is an other cute soap, chosen by me!;)

I'm totally in love with all these colorful soaps!

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  1. A wonderful shop to feature!

    I have several of her products and they're great! I can't decide which flavor of lip balm is my favorite--peppermint? bananas & cream?

    And one of her products you didn't feature is the gardener's soap. That stuff is great! I got gasoline on my hands once when filling up the tank. Came home and used the soap, and the smell was gone!

    I'm extremely sensitive to smells and cosmetic products, and so far I have been able to use all of SoapScentsations products wihtout any problems.

    And, no, she didn't ask me to write this testamonial, lol! I just wanted to share my experience with the products.

  2. Way to go Soap! Couldn't have featured a better shop!!!